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Lash Extensions



More about UV LASHES

I have been using the UV/LED  lash lamp and glue in my salon for more than 5 months now and my clients are loving it!

-No more glue fumes

-Almost no reactions, sensitive clients can now return (Patch Test Required)

-Instantly waterproof! Go gym or swim right after

-more resistant to oil

-Twice as strong retention, lashes last much longer

-No stickies, lashes remain individual.

There is no extra charge for the UV lash option!


Full Set:          R1100

3/4 Set:           R900

45 min Fill:     R460

1 Hour Fill:     R560

Removal:         R400


Full Set:           R1500

45 min Fill:     R660

1 Hour Fill:      R760

Hybrid Full Set: R1250




Lash Lift & Tint: R800 


Lash Lift Only: R760 


SPRAY TAN: R500    


What are Classic lashes?
Classic lashes are soft "mink like" lashes applied individually to create a natural effect. Shaping and lifting the eye. You can choose which length and thickness you prefer.

Classic Lashes Before & After


Volume Lashes

5D 6D Volume UV LED Lashes

What are Volume Lashes?
Volume lashes allows us to apply from 2D  up to 6D  very lightweight lashes to just one of your own lashes at a time. The result is a much fuller look

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